Drink lemon juice daily : రోజూ నిమ్మరసం తాగండి.. దాని ప్రయోజనాలు తెలిస్తే అస్సలు మానలేరు2022@APTeachers


 రోజూ నిమ్మరసం తాగండి.. దాని ప్రయోజనాలు తెలిస్తే అస్సలు మానలేరు

Drink lemon juice daily : లైఫ్ మీకు నిమ్మకాయలు ఇస్తే దానితో నిమ్మరసం చేసుకోండి అని ఓ సామెత ఉంది. లైఫ్ నిమ్మకాయలు ఇవ్వకపోయినా కొనుక్కుని నిమ్మరసాన్ని తయారు చేసుకుని తాగమని సూచిస్తున్నారు నిపుణులు. దీనిలో ఉండే ఔషద విలువలు తెలిస్తే.. మీరు నిమ్మరసాన్ని అసలు వదులుకోరు.

Drink lemon juice daily : రోజూ నిమ్మరసం తాగండి.. దాని ప్రయోజనాలు తెలిస్తే అస్సలు మానలేరు2022@APTeachers  what happens when you drink lemon water for 7 days disadvantages of drinking lemon water daily side effects of lemon for female drinking lemon water on empty stomach is it harmful best time to drink lemon water lemon benefits and side effects hot lemon water benefits lemon juice concentrate benefits skin care tips in summer at home skin care tips for summer in india summer skin care tips skin care tips in summer at home in hindi summer skin care tips for dry skin summer skin care products summer skin problems summer skin care tips for oily skin iron deficiency causes what are the 3 stages of iron deficiency low iron symptoms female iron deficiency treatment food iron deficiency test 5 weird signs of iron deficiency iron deficiency hair loss world book day 2022 theme world book day 2022 activities world book day 2022 tokens world book day 2022 logo world book day 2022 twinkl world 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cleanse pills is taking a bath late at night dangerous late night shower can cause death advantages and disadvantages of taking a bath at night benefits of showering at night vs morning taking a bath at night can cause anemia benefits of showering in the morning can taking a shower at night cause a stroke does taking a bath at night lowers blood pressure what foods help repair kidneys how can i improve my kidney function naturally how to keep kidneys healthy foods to avoid for kidney health healthy kidneys signs how to check your kidney health at home best exercise for kidney health can kidneys heal side effects of drinking cold water disadvantages of drinking cold water in the morning does drinking cold water increase weight effect of cold water on male is cold water bad for your kidneys drinking cold water in the morning on an empty stomach is drinking cold water bad for your heart effect of cold water on bones how to make fenugreek water fenugreek water for hair fenugreek seeds soaked in water overnight side effects how to drink fenugreek water fenugreek water for weight loss fenugreek water side effects fenugreek water for periods boiled fenugreek water benefits hair loss treatment which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss hair loss causes best hair loss treatment female hair loss treatment reason of hair fall in female hair loss women hair fall reasons in male mediterranean diet recipes mediterranean diet food list mediterranean diet 7-day meal plan pdf mediterranean diet weight loss how to start mediterranean diet mediterranean diet breakfast mediterranean diet pdf mediterranean diet for men black rice benefits black rice in india black rice side effects black rice price black rice recipe black rice near me black rice calories black rice protein organ donation time limit after death organ donation registration organ donation registration india 3 reasons why organ donation is important organ donation india how to donate organs after death organ donation rules reasons why you shouldn't be an organ donor Keto diet plan free PDF 7-day keto meal plan pdf Keto diet plan Indian Women's keto diet plan free Keto food list Female keto diet plan PDF 30 day ketogenic diet plan pdf free Keto diet plan for beginners Epileptic seizure Epilepsy attack Epilepsy definition Can epilepsy be cured Types of epilepsy Epilepsy cause Types of epilepsy and symptoms Fits disease what is the most important vitamin for your body daily intake of vitamins and minerals chart types of vitamins and their functions what vitamins do i need daily what are vitamins what are the 13 types of vitamins essential vitamins and minerals what are essential vitamins how to use a cooler as a fridge can we use air cooler without water how to use air cooler with water how to use air cooler in closed room how to use air cooler effectively uses of air cooler air cooler hacks how to use air cooler with ice how long is water safe in plastic bottles? Side effects of drinking water in plastic bottles which plastic bottles are safe for drinking water? Harmful effects of plastic water bottles on humans How to avoid drinking water from plastic bottles Plastic bottle poisoning symptoms How many times can you reuse a plastic water bottle Why you should not reuse plastic water bottles benefits of squeezing lemon on food what happens when you drink lemon water for 7 days disadvantages of drinking lemon water daily side effects of lemon for female what are the benefits of drinking lemon water benefits of lemon lemon side effects lemon benefits and side effects coconut water benefits for female benefits of drinking coconut water daily coconut water side effects drinking coconut water for 7 days benefits of coconut water for skin what happens if i drink coconut water everyday benefits of drinking coconut water empty stomach Disadvantages of storing water in copper vessel How much copper water to drink per day Copper water bottle poisoning Copper water benefits for skin whitening Pros and cons of drinking copper water Benefits of copper water Copper water Bottle Benefits of copper water Ayurveda 10 reasons to wake up in the morning 10 benefits of early rising what is the best time to wake up early in the morning why should we wake up early in the morning benefits of waking up early in the morning essay benefits of waking up before sunrise disadvantages of waking up early scientific benefits of waking up early fermented rice side effects pazhankanji side effects is fermented rice water acidic or alkaline fermented rice for weight gain fermented rice benefits benefits of eating rice in the morning fermented rice with curd benefits fermented rice for acid reflux taati munjalu in english taati munjalu season ice apple benefits taati munjalu near me taati munjalu during pregnancy taati munjalu in hindi taati munjalu in telugu ice apple benefits and side effects how to lose weight in 7 days fastest way to lose weight for woman how to lose weight naturally how to lose weight fast weight loss tips extreme weight loss methods weight loss tips at home how to lose weight in a week skin care tips in summer at home summer night skin care routine top 10 skin care tips for summer summer skin care routine summer skin care routine for teenage girl skin care tips for summer in india summer skin care products how to take care of oily skin in summer naturally why do mosquitoes bite me and not my husband how to be less attractive to mosquitoes mosquitoes don't bite cancer why do mosquitoes like type o blood why do i get so many mosquito bites on my legs are mosquitoes attracted to carbon dioxide why are mosquitoes attracted to me why do mosquitoes bite ankles benefits of green pumpkin benefits of sugarcane sexually sugarcane juice benefits for female sugarcane juice benefits and disadvantages benefits of sugarcane juice sugarcane juice is heat or cold for body benefits of sugarcane to woman sugarcane juice disadvantages benefits of sugarcane juice for weight loss side effects of tea on bones is green tea harmful for bones what kind of tea is good for osteoporosis is black tea good for bones tea and calcium absorption tea and osteoporosis is ginger tea good for osteoporosis green tea and calcium absorption spiritual benefits of walking barefoot 5 health benefits of walking barefoot benefits of walking barefoot on earth disadvantages of walking barefoot benefits of walking barefoot at home walking barefoot meaning benefits of walking barefoot on grass in the morning effects of walking barefoot on cold floor why hot food items should not be packed in polythene bags effects of eating high temperature food hot food in polythene bags 2 ways to never cool food hot food in plastic bags can cause cancer what happens if you drink hot and cold at the same time proper cooling methods for food what are three safe methods for cooling food? benefits of eating porridge everyday porridge benefits for skin benefits of eating porridge in the morning i ate oatmeal every morning for a month-here's what happened disadvantages of eating oats benefits of porridge for weight loss benefits of oats with milk benefits of eating porridge at night bathing at night benefits best time to bath at night benefits of warm bath at night taking a bath at night is not good for your health brainly describe how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy simple health tips 10 tips for good health 100 health tips natural health tips health tips for adults health tips 2021 health tips of the day simple health tips for everyday living healthy tips simple health tips for students 100 simple health tips healthy lifestyle tips health tip of the week simple health tips for everyone simple health tips for everyday living 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle pdf 20 ways to stay healthy 5-minute health tips 100 health tips in hindi simple health tips for everyone 100 health tips pdf 100 health tips in tamil 5 tips to improve health natural health tips for weight loss natural health tips in hindi simple health tips for everyday living 100 health tips in hindi health in hindi daily health tips 10 tips for good health how to keep healthy body 20 health tips for 2021 health tips 2022 mental health tips 2021 heart health tips 2021 health and wellness tips 2021 health tips of the day for students fun health tips of the day mental health tips of the day healthy lifestyle tips for students health tips for women simple health tips 10 tips for good health 100 health tips healthy tips in hindi natural health tips health tips for students simple health tips for everyday living health tip of the week healthy tips for school students health tips for primary school students health tips for students pdf daily health tips for school students health tips for students during online classes mental health tips for students simple health tips for everyone health tips for covid-19 healthy lifestyle tips for students 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle healthy lifestyle facts healthy tips 10 tips for good health simple health tips health tips 2021 health tips natural health tips 100 health tips health tips for students simple health tips for everyday living 6 basic rules for good health 10 ways to keep your body healthy health tips for students simple health tips for everyone 5 steps to a healthy lifestyle maintaining a healthy lifestyle healthy lifestyle guidelines includes simple health tips for everyday living healthy lifestyle tips for students healthy lifestyle examples 10 ways to stay healthy 100 health tips 5 ways to stay healthy 10 ways to stay healthy and fit simple health tips simple health tips for everyday living health tips for students health tips in hindi beauty tips health tips for women health tips bangla health tips for young ladies 10 best health tips female reproductive health tips women's day health tips health tips in kannada women's health tips for heart, mind and body women's health tips for losing weight healthy woman body beauty tips at home beauty tips natural beauty tips for face 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for students essay healthy lifestyle article for students 10 ways to stay healthy and fit ways to keep fit and healthy essay 6 tips to stay fit and healthy how to stay fit and healthy at home what are the best ways for students to stay fit and healthy how to keep body fit and strong on the basis of the picture given below,  how to be fit in 1 week write 10 rules for good health golden rules for good health health rules most important things you can do for your health how to keep your body healthy and strong five ways of maintaining good health mental health tips 2022 top 10 tips to maintain your mental health mental health tips for students self-care tips for mental health mental health 2022 fun activities to improve mental health 10 ways to prevent mental illness how to be mentally healthy and happy world heart day theme 2021 world heart day 2021 health tips news world heart day wikipedia world heart day 2020 world heart day pictures world heart day theme 2020 happy heart day 5 ways to prevent covid-19 best food for covid-19 recovery 10 ways to prevent covid-19 covid-19 health and safety protocols precautions to be taken for covid-19 covid-19 diet plan pdf safety measures after covid-19 precautions for covid-19 patient at home how to keep reproductive system healthy 10 ways in keeping the reproductive organs clean and healthy why is it important to keep your reproductive system healthy how to take care of your reproductive system male what are the proper ways of taking care of the female reproductive organs male ways of taking care of reproductive system ppt taking care of reproductive system grade 5 prevention of reproductive system diseases proper ways of taking care of the reproductive organs ways of taking care of reproductive system ppt how to take care of reproductive system male what are the proper ways of taking care of the female reproductive organs care of male and female reproductive organs? why is it important to take care of the reproductive organs the following are health habits to keep the reproductive organs healthy which one is care of male and female reproductive organs? what are the proper ways of taking care of the female reproductive organs ways of taking care of reproductive system ppt ways to take care of your reproductive system why is it important to take care of the reproductive organs taking care of reproductive system grade 5 how to take care of your reproductive system poster what are the proper ways of taking care of the female reproductive organs taking care of reproductive system grade 5 what are the proper ways of taking care of the male reproductive organs care of male and female reproductive organs? female reproductive system - ppt presentation female reproductive system ppt pdf reproductive system ppt anatomy and physiology reproductive system ppt grade 5 talk about healthy lifestyle cue card importance of healthy lifestyle importance of healthy lifestyle speech what is healthy lifestyle essay healthy lifestyle habits my healthy lifestyle healthy lifestyle essay 100 words healthy lifestyle short essay healthy lifestyle essay 150 words healthy lifestyle essay pdf benefits of a healthy lifestyle essay healthy lifestyle essay 500 words healthy lifestyle essay 250 words precautions to be taken for cold cold weather precautions for home what things should we keep in mind to stay healthy in the winter  safety tips for winter season in india how to take care of yourself during winter seasonal diseases list seasonal diseases in india seasonal diseases and precautions seasonal diseases in telugu seasonal diseases in india pdf seasonal diseases pdf 4 seasonal diseases rainy season diseases and prevention 10 things not to do after eating i ate too much and now i want to vomit how to ease your stomach after eating too much how to digest faster after a heavy meal what to do after overeating at night how to detox after eating too much i ate too much today will i gain weight i don't feel good after i eat calcium fruits for bones fruits for bone strength how to increase bone strength naturally bone strengthening foods how to increase bone calcium best fruit juice for bones calcium-rich foods for bones vitamins for strong bones and joints black pepper uses and benefits how much black pepper per day benefits of eating black pepper empty stomach black pepper with hot water benefits side effects of black pepper benefits of black pepper and honey pepper benefits turmeric with black pepper benefits how to protect eyes from mobile screen naturally how to protect eyes from mobile screen during online classes glasses to protect eyes from mobile screen how to protect eyes from mobile and computer 5 ways to protect your eyes best eye protection mobile phone glasses to protect eyes from mobile screen flipkart how to protect eyes from computer screen can you die from eating too many almonds how many is too many almonds i eat 100 almonds a day symptoms of eating too many almonds almond skin dangers how many almonds should i eat a day why are roasted almonds bad for you how many almonds to eat per day for good skin amla for skin whitening amla for skin pigmentation how to use amla for skin can i apply amla juice on face overnight how to use amla powder for skin whitening amla face pack for pigmentation how to make amla juice for skin best amla juice for skin best n95 mask for covid n95 mask with filter n95 mask reusable best mask for covid where to buy n95 mask n95 mask price 3m n95 mask kn95 vs n95 how many dates to eat per day dates benefits sexually dates benefits for sperm benefits of dates for men benefits of khajoor for skin dates benefits for skin is dates good for cold and cough benefits of dates for womens how to cook mulberry leaves mulberry benefits mulberry leaves benefits for hair mulberry benefits for skin when to harvest mulberry leaves mulberry leaf extract benefits mulberry leaf tea benefits mulberry fruit side effects are recovered persons with persistent positive test of covid-19 infectious to others? if someone in your house has covid will you get it do i still need to quarantine for 14 days if i was around someone who has covid-19? how long will you test positive for covid after recovery what do i do if i’ve been exposed to someone who tested positive for covid-19? how long does coronavirus last in your system how long should i stay in home isolation if i have the coronavirus disease? positive covid test after recovery can we drink coriander water at night how to make coriander water for weight loss coriander seed water side effects how to make coriander seeds water how to make coriander seeds water for thyroid coriander water for thyroid 10 points on harmful effects of plastic 5 harmful effects of plastic harmful effects of plastic on environment harmful effects of plastic on environment in points how is plastic harmful to humans harmful effects of plastic on environment pdf single-use plastic effects on environment brinjal benefits and side effects disadvantages of brinjal brinjal benefits for skin brinjal benefits ayurveda brinjal benefits for diabetes uses of brinjal green brinjal benefits brinjal vitamins 10 ways to keep your heart healthy 5 ways to keep your heart healthy 13 rules for a healthy heart 20 ways to keep your heart healthy how to keep heart-healthy and strong heart-healthy foods heart-healthy lifestyle healthy heart symptoms daily massage with mustard oil mustard oil disadvantages benefits of mustard oil for skin why mustard oil is not banned in india benefits of mustard oil massage on feet benefits of mustard oil in cooking mustard oil massage benefits mustard oil benefits for brain side effects of mint leaves lungs cleaning treatment benefits of drinking mint water in morning mint leaves steam for face lungs cleaning treatment for smokers benefits of mint leaves how to use ginger for lungs how to clean lungs in 3 days Carrot juice benefits in telugu is mustard good for your stomach Benefits of Vaseline on face Vaseline on face overnight before and after Vaseline petroleum jelly for skin whitening 100 uses for Vaseline Does Blue Seal Vaseline lighten the skin Vaseline uses for skin 19 unusual uses for Vaseline Effect of petroleum jelly on lips barley pests and diseases how to use barley for diabetes diseases of barley ppt how to use barley powder barley benefits and side effects barley disease control barley diseases integrated pest management of barley how to sleep better at night naturally good sleep habits food for good sleep tips on how to sleep through the night how to get a good night sleep and wake up refreshed how to sleep fast in 5 minutes how to sleep through the night without waking up how to sleep peacefully without thinking how to use turmeric to boost immune system turmeric immune booster recipe turmeric immune booster shot raw turmeric vs powder 10 serious side effects of turmeric raw turmeric powder best time to eat raw turmeric raw turmeric benefits for liver best antibiotic for cough and cold name of antibiotics for cough and cold best medicine for cold and cough best antibiotic for cold and cough for child best tablet for cough and cold in india best cold medicine for runny nose cold and cough medicine for adults best cold and flu medicine for adults moringa leaf powder benefits what happens when you drink moringa everyday? side effects of moringa list of 300 diseases moringa cures pdf how to use moringa leaves what sickness can moringa cure how long does it take for moringa to start working can moringa cure chest pain how to use aloe vera to lose weight rubbing aloe vera on stomach how to prepare aloe vera juice for weight loss best time to drink aloe vera juice for weight loss how to use forever aloe vera gel for weight loss aloe vera juice weight loss stories how much aloe vera juice to drink daily for weight loss benefits of eating oranges everyday benefits of eating oranges for skin benefits of eating orange at night orange benefits and side effects benefits of eating orange in empty stomach orange benefits for men how many oranges a day to lose weight how many oranges should i eat a day is orthostatic hypotension dangerous orthostatic hypotension symptoms causes of orthostatic hypotension orthostatic hypotension in 20s orthostatic hypotension treatment orthostatic hypotension test how to prevent orthostatic hypotension orthostatic hypotension treatment in elderly what will happen if we drink dirty water for class 1 what are the diseases associated with water? which water is safe for drinking dangers of tap water 5 dangers of drinking bad water what happens if you drink contaminated water what to do if you drink contaminated water 5 ways to make water safe for drinking how long before bed should you turn off electronics side effects of using phone at night does screen time affect sleep in adults sleeping with phone near head why you shouldn't use your phone before bed screen time before bed research adults screen time doesn't affect sleep using phone at night bad for eyes how many tulsi leaves should be eaten in a day how to cure high blood pressure in 3 minutes tulsi leaves side effects tricks to lower blood pressure instantly what happens if we eat tulsi leaves daily high blood pressure foods to avoid what to drink to lower blood pressure quickly how to consume tulsi leaves why am i sleeping too much all of a sudden i sleep 12 hours a day what is wrong with me oversleeping symptoms causes of oversleeping how to recover from sleeping too much oversleeping effects is 9 hours of sleep too much why am i suddenly sleeping for 10 hours side effects of eating raw curry leaves how many curry leaves to eat per day benefits of curry leaves for hair curry leaves health benefits benefits of curry leaves boiled water curry leaves benefits and side effects how to eat curry leaves curry leaves benefits for uterus symptoms of drinking too much water does drinking cold water cause cold food for strong bones and muscles indian food for strong bones and muscles list five foods you can eat to build strong, healthy bones. medicine for strong bones and joints 2 factors that keep bones healthy Top 10 health benefits of dates Health benefits of dates Dry dates benefits for male Soaked dates benefits Dry dates benefits for female silver water benefits how much colloidal silver to purify water silver in water purification silver in drinking water health benefit of drinking hard water what is silver water silver ion water purifier colloidal silver poisoning how i cured my lower back pain at home how to relieve back pain fast how to cure back pain fast at home back pain home remedies drink how to cure upper back pain fast at home female lower back pain treatment what is the best medicine for lower back pain? one stretch to relieve back pain side effects of drinking salt water why is drinking salt water harmful benefits of drinking warm water with salt in the morning benefits of drinking salt water salt water flush didn't make me poop himalayan salt detox side effects when to eat after salt water flush 10 uses of salt water side effects of carbonated drinks harmful effects of soft drinks wikipedia disadvantages of soft drinks in points drinking too much pepsi symptoms drinking too much coke side effects effects of carbonated drinks on the body side effects of drinking coca-cola everyday harmful effects of soft drinks on human body pdf what happens if you don't breastfeed your baby baby feeding mother milk breastfeeding mother 14 risks of formula feeding is bottle feeding safe for newborn baby negative effects of formula feeding are formula-fed babies healthy breastfeeding vs bottle feeding breast milk what is the best cream for deep wrinkles around the mouth best anti aging cream 2021 scientifically proven anti aging products best anti aging cream for 40s what is the best wrinkle cream on the market? best anti aging cream for 30s best treatment for wrinkles on face best anti aging skin care products for 50s carbonated soft drinks market demand for soft drinks trends in carbonated soft drink industry carbonated soft drink market in india cold drink sales statistics soft drink sales 2021 soda industry market share of soft drinks in india 2021 how much tomato to eat per day 10 benefits of tomato eating tomato everyday benefits benefits of eating raw tomatoes in the morning disadvantages of eating tomatoes why are tomatoes bad for your gut eating tomato everyday for skin disadvantages of eating raw tomatoes green peas benefits for skin green peas benefits for weight loss green peas benefits for hair benefits of peas and carrots green peas calories green peas protein per 100g dry peas benefits benefits of walnuts for females benefits of walnuts for skin benefits of walnuts for male 15 proven health benefits of walnuts benefits of almonds how many walnuts to eat per day walnut benefits for sperm soaked walnuts benefits dangers of walking barefoot is walking barefoot at home bad how to cure asthma forever how to prevent asthma how to prevent asthma attacks at night asthma prevention diet what causes asthma how to stop asthmatic cough what is the best treatment for asthma how to avoid asthma triggers at home amaranth leaves side effects thotakura juice benefits thotakura benefits in telugu amaranth benefits amaranth benefits for skin amaranth benefits for hair red amaranth leaves side effects amaranth leaves iron content skin diseases list with pictures 5 ways of preventing skin diseases 10 skin diseases blood test for hair loss female symptoms of skin diseases common skin diseases hair loss after covid treatment and vitamins what do dermatologists prescribe for hair loss pomegranate benefits for female benefits of pomegranate for skin benefits of pomegranate seeds pomegranate benefits for men benefits of pomegranate juice how much pomegranate juice per day pomegranate juice side effects benefits of pomegranate leaves disadvantages of jaggery 33 health benefits of jaggery how much jaggery to eat everyday benefits of jaggery water vitamins in jaggery dark brown jaggery benefits jaggery benefits for sperm jaggery benefits for male mini oil mill project cost cooking oil manufacturing plant cost in india small oil mill plant cost in india oil mill project cost in india cooking oil manufacturing business plan pdf oil mill business profit how to start cooking oil business in india oil mill business plan in india noodles manufacturing project report pdf noodles business plan noodle business plan pdf noodles manufacturing process pdf manufacturing of noodles process noodles manufacturing plant in india noodles making machine for business noodles manufacturing machine fly ash brick plant setup cost fly ash bricks project government subsidy fly ash bricks business plan fly ash brick factory investment brick business profit in india fly ash bricks project report msme red brick business profit in india how to start fly ash bricks business top 10 profitable business in india top 10 most successful businesses to start low investment high profit business ideas which business is most profitable in india most profitable business in india with low investment most profitable business in the world most profitable business to start most successful businesses in the world highest profit margin business in india highest profit margin business in india 2021 highest profit margin business in the world low-cost business ideas with high profit 2021 what is the best time of year to start raising chickens most profitable chickens to raise how much to sell chickens for how much money can you make raising chickens for tyson best selling chickens raising 100 chickens raising broiler chickens for profit raising free range chickens for profit aloe vera crop duration aloe vera farming with buyback agreement 1 ton aloe vera price aloe vera farming project report pdf aloe vera farming in andhra pradesh how to sell aloe vera leaves to patanjali aloe vera farming training aloe vera cultivation and marketing in india flower farming profit per acre flower farming for profit in india floriculture profits in india flower farming business plan pdf present status of floriculture in india 2020 present status of floriculture in india 2021 flower farming business in india flower farm business plan what are 3 consequences of having low credit when trying to buy a car or home? consequences of a bad credit history how does a person with a bad credit score rebuild their credit? what causes a bad credit score? bad credit examples what happens if you have a high credit score list six ways you can build a good credit score. what to do if you have a bad credit score pvc voter id card apply online color voter id card apply online how to get physical voter id card after applying online new pvc voter id pvc voter id card print voter id download color voter id download sbi online sbi login sbi new scheme 2022 pan card frauds in india how to check loan on pan card sbi careers pan card linked to unknown loan account sbi fd scheme can i delete a text message i sent someone 2021 if i delete a text message does the other person see it what happens when you delete a text conversation how to delete a text message that was sent when you delete a message on whatsapp can the other person see it delete for everyone option in whatsapp time limit if i delete a text message does the other person see it android can you delete a whatsapp message without the other epfo pf withdrawal online process in how many days pf amount get credited how many times we can withdraw pf advance for covid-19 epf withdrawal uan login how to withdraw pf online with uan epf withdrawal form 31 pf mobile number change epf mobile number registration how to change mobile number in epf without login epf mobile number change form pdf pf mobile number change tamil epfo member portal how to use whatsapp offline without internet how to use whatsapp on laptop without phone can i use whatsapp without a sim card in my phone how to use whatsapp without phone how to use whatsapp on laptop with phone number how to use whatsapp on pc without qr code how to use whatsapp for beginner's whatsapp download my whatsapp number is banned how to unbanned how can i activate my banned whatsapp number? permanently banned from whatsapp how can i remove banned whatsapp from 2020 is banned from using whatsapp contact support how much time it takes to unbanned whatsapp number why my whatsapp is banned how to banned someone whatsapp number how to show offline in whatsapp when i am online 2021 how to know if someone is pretending to be offline in whatsapp how to show offline in whatsapp when i am online on iphone how to restrict whatsapp from using internet in samsung how to go offline on whatsapp without disconnecting from the internet on iphone how to appear offline on whatsapp while online on android how to show offline in gbwhatsapp when i am online how to make 4g faster on android how to increase mobile internet speed how to increase internet speed in low network area 4g signal booster 4g signal strength how to boost 4g signal indoors hack mobile data speed will cell signal booster increase internet speed top 100 password list 2021 worst passwords of 2021 top 100 password list 2020 list of passwords to use 773rd most common password top 100 password-list txt common password list hacked passwords list smartphone mistakes 8 common mistakes in android development 5 best practices for android app development. android errors how do you handle bitmaps in android as it takes too much memory what does “minimum sdk” refer to in an android studio project? max requests per session developer options how do you create a new project in android studio? how i know how many sims on my name how to know how many sims are registered on my name in india how to know how many sims are registered on my aadhar card i want to check how many sims activated on my id online how many sim cards can i have how to check sim numbers on my id card trai sim check dot sim check malicious android apps list 2021 joker malware app list malicious apps list iphone list of known android malware apps 2020 android trojan apk trojan virus removal android maadhaar app online trojan virus download how to stop my phone from hanging phone hang setting mobile hang problem solution app my phone hangs when data is on phone hang solution why does my phone hang up by itself why does my phone hang up by itself android why my phone is hanging while typing driving licence online apply minimum age for driving licence in india 2021 what are the documents required for driving licence in india driving licence new rules 2021 how to apply for driving license minimum age for driving licence in india 2020 documents required for driving license test how many days it will take to get driving licence after test minimum electricity bill if not used in india how many ac can run in 3kw solar system no need to pay electricity bill for 3 months ac working on solar energy how many ac can run on 10kw solar system solar inverter that can run air conditioner average electric bill with solar panels in india how many ac can run on 5kw solar system epf withdrawal online epf claim pf advance withdrawal processing time how many times we can withdraw pf advance for how to withdraw money from atm without card in sbi how to withdraw money without atm card yono sbi how to withdraw money from atm without card hdfc bank how to withdraw money without atm card bob how to withdraw money from atm without card icici bank how to withdraw money without atm card in karnataka bank how to withdraw money without atm card union bank how to withdraw money without atm card boi top 10 brilliant money-saving tips 250 money saving tips how to save money from salary clever ways to save money smart money-saving tips money saving tips in hindi how to save money each month ways to 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Lemonade | అత్యంత బహుముఖ సిట్రస్ పండ్లలో నిమ్మకాయ ఒకటి. ఇది వివిధ వంటకాలకు రిఫ్రెష్ రుచి, వాసనను జోడిస్తుంది. ఇది పూర్తిగా ఔషధ విలువలతో నిండి ఉంటుంది. అంతేకాకుండా విటమిన్ సి, ఫైబర్, అవసరమైన మొక్కల సమ్మేళనాలతో నిండి ఉంటుంది. పైగా ఇది మీ శరీరంలోని విషపదార్థాలను డిటాక్స్ చేస్తుంది. కాలేయాన్ని శుభ్రపరుస్తుంది. జీర్ణక్రియను ప్రోత్సహిస్తుంది.

మెరుగైన జీర్ణక్రియ

మీరు అజీర్ణ సమస్యలతో బాధపడుతుంటే, మీ పొట్టకు ఉపశమనం కలిగించడానికి ప్రతిరోజూ ఒక కప్పు గోరువెచ్చని నీటిలో నిమ్మరసం కలిపి తాగండి. నిమ్మకాయ నీరు మీ జీర్ణవ్యవస్థలో టాక్సిన్స్ పేరుకుపోకుండా నిరోధిస్తుంది. దీనిని రోజు ఉదయం ఒక గ్లాసు తీసుకుంటే మీ సిస్టమ్ను సమర్థవంతంగా క్లియర్ అవుతుంది. మలబద్ధకం, గుండెల్లో మంట, ఉబ్బరం వంటి సమస్యలతో బాధపడేవారికి ఇది చాలా మేలు చేస్తుంది.

మెరుగైన రోగనిరోధక వ్యవస్థ

నిమ్మకాయలోని విటమిన్ సి మీ రోగనిరోధక శక్తిని పెంపొందించడానికి, మొత్తం ఆరోగ్యాన్ని మెరుగుపరచడానికి ప్రసిద్ధి చెందింది. జలుబు లేదా ఇతర ఇన్ఫెక్షన్లను దరికి చేరకుండా.. ఉండాలంటే.. బలమైన రోగనిరోధక వ్యవస్థ అవసరం. ఒక గ్లాసు నిమ్మకాయ నీటిలో ఉండే విటమిన్ సి కణాలు హానికరమైన ఫ్రీ రాడికల్స్ నుంచి మనల్ని రక్షిస్తుంది. అంతేకాకుండా హృదయ సంబంధ వ్యాధులు, అధిక రక్తపోటును నివారిస్తుంది.

క్లియరైన చర్మం కోసం

యాంటీఆక్సిడెంట్లు, విటమిన్ సితో నిండిన నిమ్మరసం మీ చర్మ ఆకృతిని మెరుగుపరచడంలో, దానిని స్పష్టంగా, మృదువుగా చేయడంలో చాలా ప్రభావవంతంగా పనిచేస్తుంది. రోజూ నిమ్మకాయ నీటిని తాగడం వల్ల మచ్చలు, ముడతలు తగ్గుతాయి. పొడి, చికాకుతో కూడిన చర్మానికి ఉపశమనం లభిస్తుంది. హానికరమైన బ్యాక్టీరియాను చంపడం, ఫ్రీ రాడికల్ డ్యామేజ్ని తగ్గించడం ద్వారా మీ చర్మాన్ని ప్రకాశవంతంగా చేస్తుంది.

నోటి దుర్వాసన దూరం

వెల్లుల్లి లేదా ఉల్లి లేదా ఏదైనా వంటలు తినడం వల్ల నోటిలో ఘాటువాసనలు వస్తాయి. ఆ బలమైన వాసనలను వదిలించుకోవడానికి నిమ్మరసం మీకు సహాయం చేస్తుంది. మీ భోజనం తర్వాత ఒక గ్లాసు నిమ్మకాయ నీటిని తాగడం వల్ల నోటి నుంచి వచ్చే దుర్వాసనను అధిగమించవచ్చు. అంతేకాకుండా ఇది పంటి నొప్పులు, చిగురువాపు వంటి వాటి నుంచి కూడా ఉపశమనాన్ని ఇస్తుంది.

బరువు తగ్గేందుకు..

నిమ్మకాయలు మీ ఆకలి బాధలను అణిచివేసేందుకు, మీ కేలరీల తీసుకోవడం తగ్గించడానికి సహాయపడే ఫైబర్తో నిండి ఉంటాయి. మీ బరువును అదుపులో ఉంచి.. స్థూలకాయాన్ని నివారించడానికి చక్కెరతో కూడిన శీతల పానీయాలను.. తక్కువ కేలరీలు కలిగిన నిమ్మకాయతో భర్తీ చేయండి. మీ బరువును అదుపులో ఉంచుకోవడమే కాకుండా.. ఇది మీ శరీరాన్ని హైడ్రేట్ చేస్తుంది. ఉదయాన్నే నిమ్మరసం కలిపిన గోరువెచ్చని నీటిని తాగడం వల్ల పొట్ట కొవ్వు తగ్గుతుంది. 



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ApTeachers9: Drink lemon juice daily : రోజూ నిమ్మరసం తాగండి.. దాని ప్రయోజనాలు తెలిస్తే అస్సలు మానలేరు2022@APTeachers
Drink lemon juice daily : రోజూ నిమ్మరసం తాగండి.. దాని ప్రయోజనాలు తెలిస్తే అస్సలు మానలేరు2022@APTeachers
Drink lemon juice daily : లైఫ్ మీకు నిమ్మకాయలు ఇస్తే దానితో నిమ్మరసం చేసుకోండి అని ఓ సామెత ఉంది. లైఫ్ నిమ్మకాయలు ఇవ్వకపోయినా కొనుక్కుని నిమ్మరసాన్ని త
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