Vidyaarthi Vigyaan Manthan 2021 National Science Talent Contest(NSTC)

 National Science Talent Contest 2020 (Vidyaarthi Vigyaan Manthan): VVM Vidyaarthi Vigyaan Manthan is a  planned serious science test/NSTC National Science Talent Contest/World's biggest Science Talent Contest.

VVM NCSE School Level Exam, State Level and National Camps. Schedule planned by a board of directors went to by over a lakh competitors.

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At the public level, VVM 2020-21 is an online National Science Talent Test will be led for understudies concentrating from class 6 to class 10 under the name Vijnaana Mantan.

Vidyaarthi Vigyaan Manthan 2021 National Science Talent Contest(NSTC)

Enlistment should be done online by the fifteenth of October month. The online test will be hung on November 29 and 30 out of 9 territorial dialects including English and Hindi.

All District DEOs and MEOs should find ways to guarantee that more understudies from schools in their space take part in the online test.

VVM 2020

VVM 2020: National Science Talent Contest under Vidyaarthi Vigyaan Manthan

Vidyaarthi Vigyaan Manthan (VVM) is a public program for teaching and promoting science among school understudies of VI to XI norms. VVM additionally tries to distinguish the splendid personalities among the understudy local area, who are excited about subjects identified with science. site:

Goals of VVM: VVM National Science Talent Contest 2020: Vidyaarthi Vigyaan Manthan (VVM) is a public program for instructing and promoting science among school understudies of VI to XI norms. VVM additionally attempts to recognize the splendid personalities among the understudy local area, who are enthused about subjects identified with science.

Determination Procedure:

1. School Level Examination (Prathama and Dwitiya).

Two papers on same day with 30 minutes break between them mind be coordinated at the school level. Separate assessment will be directed for junior gathering (class VI to VIII) and senior gathering (class IX to X). The construction of inquiry paper is as per the following:

Prospectus of VVM-Structure of inquiry paper :


Science and Mathematics from text books     Prathama

an hour:


(40 questions)     Dwitiya

an hour and a half:


(25 questions)     Curriculum:

NCERT Curriculum

India's commitment to science     30%

(30 questions)     20%

(10 questions)     VVM Study Material*

Life of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam    20%

(20 questions)     10%

(5 questions)       VVM Study Material

Rationale/Reasoning/General knowledge       10%

(10 questions)     20%

(10 questions)     General Reading

Schedule of VVM-Structure of inquiry paper

2. State Level Camp: Top 20 understudies from each class will be chosen i.e complete of 120 understudies will be chosen at the state level. Chosen understudies will be welcomed for one/multi day state level camp. The camp will comprise of hands on preparing, understudy logical exchange and the following stage including bunch exercises, banter contest, pretend and so on, in view of the presentation positioning the understudies were state level and top three understudies from each class will be announced as a state victor.

3. Public Camp:

Out of the main three understudies from each express, the best two understudies from each class, i.e., all out 12 understudies from each state, will be welcome to a two-day public level camp. These understudies will go through the following phase of the assessment cycle, which includes introductions, viva, and evaluation of initiative quality.

Language of Exam:

Understudies can take assessments either in English/Hindi or in their own first language.

Test focus:

Tests will be directed at different focuses across India. Schools that can select in excess of 50 understudies will be assigned as Examination focus.

Instructions to apply:

Enrollment: All Students who need to show up in VVM Schould register by paying Rs.100/ -

School: Only government and Government supported school can enlist their understudies with half concession(Rs.50/ - per stundets) just of school for least of 50 understudies. for different schools, they can enroll with Rs.100/ - per understudies.

Vidyaarthi Vigyaan Manthan 2021 National Science Talent Contest(NSTC)

Method of installment: The enrollment charge can be paid either check or DD for "Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan, Delhi" presented on Vijnana Bharathi Office referenced on the last page. Online Registration should likewise be possible through

Prizes and Awards:

        Winners of Prathama – Certificate ( Type of Award)

        Winners of Dwitiya (20 for every Class for each State)- Memento and Certificate

        State-level Winners (3 for every Class for each State)

        First Winner: Rs 5000 Cash Prize, Memento, and Certificate

        Second Winner: Rs 3000 Cash Prize, Memento, and Certificate

        Third Winner: Rs 2000 Cash Prize, Memento, and Certificate

        National-level Winners (3 for every Class) [Himalayan Champs]

        First Winner: Rs 10000, Memento, Certificate, and National Educational Visit

        Second Winner: Rs 7000, Memento, Certificate, and National Educational Visit

        Third Winner: Rs 5000, Memento, Certificate, and National Educational Visit

ViBha Vijnana Bharati: Vijnana Bharati is a public development in the field of Science and Technology working all through the nation having the biggest organization of associations and people. Vijnana Bharati has gotten the renowned Jawaharlal Nehru Prize from Prime Minister of India in 2006 and National Award for exceptional commitments in Science Communication in 2007 from Union Ministry of Science and Technology

Significant dates:

Procedure  Date

Enrollment Opens        01st August, 2020

Enrollment Closes        31st October, 2020

Transfer of VVM Study Material    20th August, 2020

Mock Tests          01st November, 2020 onwards

Download Hall Tickets No Hall Ticket Required

Date of Examination (Login anyday)       Sunday, 29th November, 2020 and/or Monday, 30th November, 2020

Season of Examination         10:00 AM to 08:00 PM (an hour and a half)

Understudies will actually want to login just a single time

Revelation of Result     15th December, 2020

A couple of day State Camp 10th, seventeenth and 24th January, 2021 (any one day)*

Two-day National Camp       15th and sixteenth May, 2021*

VVM Important Dates

Study material:

for online registration at



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ApTeachers9: Vidyaarthi-Vigyaan-Manthan-2021-National-Science-Talent-Contest-(NSTC)
National Science Talent Contest 2020 (Vidyaarthi Vigyaan Manthan): VVM Vidyaarthi Vigyaan Manthan is a planned serious science test/NSTC National Sci
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