GO.214 for Final payment of APGPF Balance.

GO.214 for Final payment of APGPF Balance: New AP GPF Application Form, GO.214 Revised AP GPF Application Form for Final installment of GPF, How to fill AP GPF Details for definite installment of GPF Balance.

Administration OF ANDHRA PRADESH-GPF-Revision of ''Form of Application for the Final Payment of General Provident Fund (GPF) Balance"- Orders - gave. Money (HR.5-Pensions& GPF) Department. G.O.MS.No. 214 Dated: 04-11-2016.

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Peruse the accompanying

1. G.O.Ms.No.261, Finance and Planning (FW.Pen.II) Department, Dated 28.08.1999.

2. Letter.No.FM/GL.II/9-3/2016-17/797 dated 28.07.2016 of the Accountant

General (A&E), Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Hyderabad.

GO.214 for Final payment of APGPF Balance

In the G.O. first read above Government gave orders overhauling Form of Application for Final Payment of General Provident Fund adjusts.

2. In the reference second read over the Accountant General proposed certain progressions as application for conclusive installment of General Provident Fund Balances.

3. Government after cautious assessment of the proposition has chosen to amend the type of use for conclusive installment of General Provident Fund as recommended by the Accountant General (A&E), Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The amended structure is added to this G.O.

4. All Drawing and Disbursing Officers/Head of the Departments will in the future ship off the Accountant General (A&E) two arrangements of uses in the reexamined design rather than 3 arrangements of type of utilization for handling of conclusive installment from the General Provident Fund.

Type of Application for Final Payment of General Provident Fund Balance

(Retirement/Resignation/Removal/Transfer of Balance or Death Case)


The Principal Accountant General (A&E) Andhra Pradesh and Telangana HYDERABAD.

(Through the Head of office if there should arise an occurrence of Non-Gazetted and Through Head of the office in the event of Gazetted officials)

1.        1. (i)Name of the Subscriber(in capital letters) : Emp I(7 digit) :

(ii) Personal Mobile No :

(iii) Mail id :

(iv) Aadhar Card No. :

1.        2. Date of Birth :

2.        3. Assignment and office to which connected :

3.        4. G.P.F. Record No. With Departmental Suffix :

4.        5. Subtleties of Nomination recorded : ( according to Rule 7 ) :

5.        6. Private location of the inquirer :

6.        Present Address:

7.        Permanent Address:

8.        7. Duplicate of the most recent Account slip is encased: YES/NO

9.        8. I) Date of Retirement : or ii) Date of renunciation :or

10.      iii) Date of willful Retirement :or

11.      iv) Date of excusal/expulsion/Compulsory retirement/nullification

12.      9. Specifics of workplaces worked during the Last 3 years

13.      Name of Office and Address Working during the period Designation From To

14.      10. Office/Treasury at which installment is wanted:

10 (A) If installment is wanted external the spot of last obligation encase the accompanying reports:

1.        a) Personal signs of ID :

2.        b) Two example marks :

3.        c) Left/Right hand thumb impression (in the event of uneducated petitioners)


1.        i) I have not left Government Service to take up arrangement in another division of State Government/Central Government or under a Body Corporate possessed or constrained by the state or Central Government.

Note: This declaration is to be outfitted exclusively by an endorser who left Government administration. Whenever surrendered to take up arrangement somewhere else, the data with respect to move of equilibrium might be given in the structure recommended in the Annexure.

iii) I thus attempt that no allure will be liked by me against my excusal/evacuation/mandatory retirement/refutation)

GO.214 for Final payment of APGPF Balance.

1.        iv) I thus embrace to discount any abundance installment emerging out of administrative blunder in the settlement of G.P.F. Guarantee

2.        In instance of death the accompanying points of interest might be outfit a) Date of death : (Copy of death declaration to be encased)

1.        b) Religion of Deceased Government :

2.        c) Details of the enduring individuals from the family on the date of death of the endorser are outfitted beneath (duplicate of Family Members Certificate gave by Revenue Department)

SI.No Name Relationship Date of birth Marital Status as on the with Date of death of the endorser supporter

Spot Signature of the

Date Subscriber/Claimant


The last withdrawal application is sent to the Accountant General, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, for approving the equilibrium.

13. Ensured that every one of the points of interest outfitted above have been confirmed concerning office records and are found right.

14. The last asset derivation was produced using his/her compensation for the period of … … … .Vide this Office Bill No… … … … … .Dt… … … … … … … for Rs… … … … … (Rupees… … … … … … … … … … … … … .)cash voucher No… … … … … … … … … ..of Treasury, the measure of allowance towards G.P.F membership being Rs… … … … … .and recuperation on measure of discount of advance Rs… … … … … … .

15. Subtleties of G.P.F. Allowance produced using the endorser's compensation during the most recent a year quickly going before the date of retirement (in the proforma added to G.O. No. 216. Dated 4-6-1986.

16. Affirmed that he/she was neither authorized any transitory advances nor any part – last withdrawal from his/her opportune asset account during the a year promptly going before the date of his/her stopping administration/continuing on leave preliminary to retirement or from there on OR

Measure of Advance/Date Voucher No. Part-last withdrawal



Yours dependably,


With date and Designation

Date : Official Mobile/Phone No.




If there should arise an occurrence of assimilation in different Departments other state Government/Public/area under takings Furnish the accompanying data.

1.        Date of retention :

2.        II. Is retention on lasting premise? :

3.        III. Is retention without breaks in help? :

4.        IV. If there should arise an occurrence of break in help whether it is restricted to joining time permitted on move? :

5.        V. Is the retention with the endorsement of State: Government? On the off chance that indeed, Copy of the request might be encased

6.        VI. Records Officer to whom the equilibrium must be moved and the new G.P.F. Record No. assigned by him

Ø Application Form for Final payment of APGPF



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ApTeachers9: GO.214_for_Final_payment_of_APGPF_Balance.
GO.214 for Final payment of APGPF Balance: New AP GPF Application Form, GO.214 Revised AP GPF Application Form for Final installment of GPF, How to fi
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