PRC 2018 Expected New basic Pay Calculation Software for Retired TS AP Teachers Employees

PRC 2018 Expected New basic Pay Calculation Software for Retired TS AP Teachers Employees.PRC 2018 Expected basic Pay Calculation Software.expected new basic pay in rps 2018 at different fitment levels.11th AP TS PRC 2018 New Basic Pay {Basic Salaries}{RPS-2018 R.P.S 2018 P.R.C 2018 P.R.C-2018 PRC 2020 P.R.C 2020 RPS 2020} New Basic Pay at different Fitment Levels Calculation Software In MS-Excel Sheet.How To Know My Basic Pay and Gross Salary In RPS 2018 including all Benefits?.RPS 2018 for AP & TS Employees Teachers Expected New Salary 11th PRC MINIMUM EXPECTED NEW BASIC PAY IN R.P.S-2018 AT DIFFERENT FITMENT LEVELS Ready Recknor Table For All Basics Benefits to Andhra Pradesh Telangana Employees from 01-07-2018.
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AP 11th P.R.C 2018 Commission Appointment GO.72 - AP Working Retired Employees, Teachers

11th PRC 2018 New Basic Pay Salary Calculation Software With Different Fitment Percentages

PRC - 2018 Pay fixation Software for AP & Telangana Employees & Teachers.11th PRC fitment and basic pay prc 2018 in telangana ap prc 2018 prc 2018 andhra pradesh prc pay scale 2018 ap govt employees prc 2018 telangana prc 2018 latest news ap govt prc 2018 expected new basic pay in rps 2018 at different fitment levels are covered in this article.

How to Calculate the Basic in Revised Pay Scales 2018? 

Follow these Steps one by one to know your Basic Pay in New PRC 2018.
  1. First take your Basic Pay as on 01.07.2018
  2. Add your DA @ 25.676% as on 01.07.2018 to your Basic Pay (i.e Basic Pay+DA)
  3. Add Fitment to the Basic Pay as on 01.07.2018.(Basic Pay +DA + Fitment)
  4. Total of the above three will be treated as ground basic pay.
  5. Your New Basic Pay will be set above the ground basic pay in the New Revised Pay Scale 2018  (Basic + DA@ 25.676% + Fitment@ **%)

Expected New Basic Pay in R.P.S 2018 at Diffierent Fitment levels in AP: 

For Easy Calculation.11th PRC Fitment to AP, Telangana State Employees, Know your Basic Pay, Pay Fixation Calculator, Ready Reckener Table, PRC 2018, Telangaan PRC, TS RPS 2018 AP and Telangana Employees Can Get 4 Fitment,Govt Announces PRC with  Fitment for TS /AP Employees prc-rps-fixation-softwares-complete-gos-and-memos-pay-revision-commission telangana-andhra-pradesh-prc-revised-pay-scales-2018-expected-new-basic-pay-in-PRC 2018 RPS 2018. 
New salaries include new PRC 2018 for employees and pensioners announcing of IR. New pay scales including with slab rates from July 2018

AP TS PRC 2018 Expected Basic Pay Fixation Software at Different Fitment %:

➤Download Software for Calculating PRC Pay Scale 2018 


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